VAPE can be defined as the act of inhaling a vapor through a personal smoke-producing devices.

VAPE or electronic cigarettes can be regarded as a substitute for tobacco types. It’s like smoking but exclude some harmful or adverse effects caused by tobacco as: no bad breath, the breath does not smell, no harm from tobacco, no cigarette butts, little cause the ability of cancer and other diseases related, especially not affect the people around them.

To put it more understandable, VAPE is the name given to the use of vaporizer (device used to VAPE). This process includes the use of high heat to create steam from liquid medicines (e-liquid). VAPE users, called the vaper (even if smokers usually called the smoker).



Contrary to what many of us think, vaping “born” from about 5 decades ago (exactly as in 1960). At that time VAPE unlike the current version – meaning that time is not easy vaporizers pocket as modern versions. It is quite bulky and can only be on the table.

Genius invented this device is Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist inspired by deaths from lung cancer of his father. He called this device is Ruyan, roughly translated as “like smoking / smoke-like” (like smoke).

Ruyan become prevalent, and gradually dominated the US market in the 2000s, and then, from “VAPE” was born.

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